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Run Run Bamboo Horse is the 16th chapter of the Doraemon Manga and last chapter in volume 1.


Many of Nobita's friends are riding a modified version of stilts, but Nobita doesn't play it because he cannot. Gian says they will have a stilits contest the next day. Nobita tells Doraemon he must contest it to prevent them making fun. His father uses mother's cloth line to make stilts for Nobita, but he does not know how to walk on it. Later, he asks Doraemon for help, but no stilts in 22nd century, but he goes to 22nd century to get Umatake. Nobita rides on it but get flung because of his dirty socks. After feeding it the carrot Nobita walks on it again and it teavels him nearby. Gian is jealous so he wants to make it his.

Nobisuke takes Umatake to replace the wood stick he converted to stilts for drying clothes, but it gets angry and run away. Gian takes it at his home. Nobita's mother tells him to forbid having it in the house. Finally Nobita has to walk on the real stilts. After falling several times he can walk on it until Gian's house. Umatake getting very mad because the house is very dirty.


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  • This is last chapter of Doraemon Manga Book 1