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Test Memorizing Toast is the 17th chapter of the Doraemon Manga.


Nobita scurried about the math and Japanese exams and holded the pillow and kettle running around his room. Doraemon first gave him a powerful fan to blow the school away, and Dobutsu Light (Transformation Light) to turn Sensei to the gorilla, but those ideas seemd to be very bad and was his fault not to pay attention for studying.

Doraemon helped him with Anki Pan (Test Memorizing Toast) to make Nobita remember the entire page. Unfortunately, the important page was missing then he would copy Shizuka's note. She didn't believe Nobita could remember the entire notebook because of his forgetfulness, so he copied the first half of the phone book and ate those bread. Nobita could memorize all of those. Shizuka's mother served both sweets and Nobita was eating all. When he decided to memorize the lessons he couldn't eat any and borrowed her notebook.

At home Nobita's father cooked dinner on the occasion of Mother's Day. At last he didn't eat any of bread for the exam. Doraemon got mad because of his going out all day and mde him eat all the bread.

The next day mrning Nobita had a stomachache and lost all the memories he had eaten. At last he needed to start over.


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  • This is first chapter of Doraemon Manga volume 2.
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