I Love Roboko is the eighteenth chapter of the Doraemon manga.

The concept of beautiful android with superhuman strength as a girlfriend is one of the popular themes in current "Moe" manga. But when Fujiko wrote the story in early 70s it was still rare. Heroines in comic books were supposed to be rescued and not the other way around.

The author of Dr. Slump, Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) acknowledged in recent interview that the character setting of Arare-chan beautiful girl android with super-strength might have come from this Doraemon episode.


Nobita has the talent to eat many peanuts at once so he wants to perform this to Shizuka and other girlfriends. Suddenly Suneo asks three of them to play his new board game. Nobita is lonely and go home to have some water.

According to seeing Nobita being, Doraemon knows that he is really hurt and sad, so he rents the girlfriend robot in 22nd century named Roboko. She has been set to only appease Nobita. Both are talking each other in the room and Nobita performs peanuts eating. She cheers him and get a basin of water. Then she looks Nobita's homework. Even all are wrong, she says his answers are unique and write the answer the teacher likes.

Then Nobita's mom asks him to go shopping, so she goes for it for him. Both are sitting on the pipe in the Open Lot. Gian and Suneo are jealeous Nobita so they throw the pebbles to him. Roboko retakes both with her numerous horse power. Going home Nobita meets Shizuka. She apologizes about the moment ago, but Roboko gets mad so he has to bring her home. She don't let Nobita to greet other than her. At home Nobita's mother gets mad because of his fooling around; hence, Roboko is about to attack her. Nobita has to tell her to escape.

The ending of the chapter, Doraemon dresses as a girlfriend for Nobita.


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