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Horror Story Lamp is the 19th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobita asks his mother to tell the horror story, but her story is not as scary as he wants for horror story party at Gian's house that night, so Doraemon leands him a Horror Story Lamp to make that story really happens.

At Gian's house Gian,Shizuka and Suneo tells their stories, after that Nobita takes out the lamp and tell stories the others have already told. While telling there are some scary strange noise and the candle is extinguished. At last while Nobita tells there was a footstep from a corridor and the knife appeared, the robber opens the door and four of them screams. The robber who tripped in the kitchen causing the broken plates is running away while an officer is on patrol there. Nobita is the winner.

At home Nobita tells he want to see the faceless ghost, but the lamp is still there. Finally his mother with no face appears.


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