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Dream Bell is the 20th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobisuke is shocked when Nobita tells what he wants to be in the future, while he told Nobita that he wanted to be a pilot, which he tells his wife later. Nobita tells Doraemon he wants to be the "leader of kids"(Chunese:孩子王/Japanese:ガキ大将)),because Gian is right now.

Gian orders everyone in the group to gather around and asks everyone what game they wants to play. At first everyone tells the different answers. However, after Gian says sumo everyone except Nobita agrees with him. Later he orders everyone to gather rewards for winner. Nobita wants to be the leader because now he can's so he wants when he grows up.

Doraemon helps him by tells him to sleep during the day and wake up in the midnight. Both are going to the Open Lot and use the Dream Wind Chime (gadget) to call everyone to come there while sleeping. Nobita does as Gian does during the day. When Nobita asking everyone and he says cat's cradle everyone does not agree and says sumo. Doraemon says he is likely to win while they are sleeping so he orders everyone to gether the reward, but everyone get the garbage.

While Nobita competing sumo with others, he lose everyone even Shizuka. When Nobita faints Doraemon asks everyone back home. Next morning Yamada, Suneo, and Shizuka says they had a strange dream that they beat Nobita on sumo.


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