The Day of My Birth, also known as Noby's Birthday in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga, is the 21st chapter of the Doraemon manga.


Nobita is nagging about his mother about her picky and promise that he can study alone. After she leaving the room Nobitais about to go out and play. He gets a good scould by his mother and his father. He cries because it is too harsh and tells Doraemon that he may have been picked up somewhere.

Doraemon asks him to use Time Machine to his birthday (August 7, 1964 or Shouwa 39) to confirm it. Both are going downstair and then Nobita's father coming to see his baby. Doraemon tells him the newborn baby may be in the hospital. He runs very fast to see his baby.

When Nobita looking at him when just born, he says he is wrinkled just like a monkey, father yells both to get out of the room. After that Nobisuke and Tamako names the newborn baby named "Nobita." (のび太) However, he thinks this name is no good so he intends to ask for his opinion, but Doraemon says he should not. After that Tamake and Nobisuke are hoping Nobita to be the great man in the future, but he tells them not to hope too high, Nobisuke yells to both again.

Nobita really knows they are real parents and hope very high, so he goes back to the present to study very hard.


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  • This chapter received three adaptation, all which deviated from the original plotline.
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