Truth Doll is the 22nd chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Uncle Tamao has a secret but he cannot talk to his sister and his brother-in-law. While Nobita asks him his sister asks to get out because it is the "grownup topic." Doraemon predicts that he has a person he loves but he cannot say anything because he is shy.

Finally Doraemon takes out the Truth Doll to talk what the holder thinks. Nobita thinks to Doraemon that his face is funny. Nobita are going to meet him to give this doll, but he has just left. Nobita thinks about the test the day before, which he gets zero. He lies to mother that he didn't have a quiz, so mother gets mad. While Nobita and Doraemon meeting Kaminari Nobita thinks he scolded as thunder and he is very annoying. Nobita is punched by Kaminari. When doraemon holds the doll, he think about the the fat woman walking her dog that they are just like mother and son. Both gets angry and chase Nobita and Doraemon.

Finally Doraemon hides it in the shrub and find the uncle. Suneo has seen both are hiding so he takes the doll away. At Nobita's side uncle says who he loves doesn't like bacuse she always get mad after the date. Doraemon and Nobita tells him to lend the doll. Suneo meeting Gian, the doll says what Suneo thinks why he meets Gian now because he is greedy and will take the doll. He is beaten by Gian.

Uncle Tamao invites his woman in love to date but waiting Nobita for a doll. At Nobita and Doraemon the doll has gone and they are finding it. The woman gets mad because Tamao is waiting for Nobita. While walking home she has found the boy doll. Finally the truth is revealed that she loves Tamao. Finally both have the happiest date.


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