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Robe of Feather is the twenty-third chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobita and Shizuka is practicing their play. Doraemon does not know so he knocks Nobita due to poaching Shizuka's robe.

Doraemon lends Shizuka Floating Scarf for the last scene that the goddess uses the scarf to go back to the heaven. Shizuka uses it to fly outside but get lost because of the strong wind. In the forest at the mountain her scarf is taken away by a villager. He tells her if she dances for him.

After she dancing, the scarf is taken by the monkey and falling to another woman villager. She uses it for her baby's diaper and her child flies away. Doraemon and Nobita has found the floating child so both return him to that villager and give the scarf back to Shizuka, who doesn't know the scarf has been used for a diaper!


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