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Liar's Mirror (also known as Lying Mirror in the English manga by Shogakukan Asia) is the twenty fourth chapter of the Doraemon Manga.


Nobita is looking himself in a strange mirror and hearing its flattering. Doraemon puts it away because this gadget is no good. Later Doraemon plays bowling at home and breaks the mirror, so Nobita asks Doraemon to take it out again for mother. After looking herself and listening flattering, she goes to salon. Later, Nobita gets the mirror to his room and ask how to get him more handsome; the mirror tells him to do something to make him ugly (because the mirror is always lying.) After Doraemon fixing the vase mirror he is asked by Nobita about his face he knows Nobita trusts the mirror and let him see the true expression with the real mirror. Nobita breaks the mirror again and take the lying mirror away. Nobita looks at the mirror at the Mountain and make himself an ugly expression again to meet Shizuka, but she has not in her home, but on the mountain instead. She also see the mirror and make an ugly expression as well. When both are meeting each other they are laughing and go back to look at the mirror again. At night the mothers of everyone are meeting and wonder where their children are. Doraemon has found six of them are looking at the mirror. Doraemon is about to destroying the mirror because it tells lie to everyone. However, it promises to introspect itself. The chapter ends that Nobita looks himself in the mirror and has the ugly image in the mirror.


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