Time Cloth is the twenty-fifth chapter of Doraemon Manga. This chapter is the first appearance of Time Furoshiki, one of Doraemon's most important gadgets. 


While Doraemon and Nobita watching TV, it gets broken, so Nobita asks his mother to buy a new one, but she can solve this problem. She continues washing clothes but the machine gets broken. She and Nobisuke are talking about wanting a new washing machine and camera, and then fighting. Nobita and Doraemon feels hopeless for gettting a new one, so making a TV new with Time Furoshiki. Then Nobita uses it for a washing machine, but used the wrong side so it gets even older, later Doraemon fixes it. They also uses with father's camera. Nobita gets the idea that they are finding old stuffs to make a new one and sell. Nobita and Doraemon asks Suneo and Shizuka for stuffs that are about to be thrown away to make them new. Suneo has seen them using the cloth so he steals it while both finding even more old stuffs. Suneo does as both do but Gian takes the cloth and tells everyone, including Suneo, to find the old stuff. Unfortunately he is hauled by his mother to help his family's business by delivering eggs to Yamada's residence. He wrappes the egg with the cloth and then the eggs are transformed to chicks.

Doraemon and Nobita notices that the time cloth has gone so they are finding it, that is a windy day it is blown away and making trouble to many people. Gian can catch it and wraps himself with this and transformed to a baby. Suneo gets it and go inside his house. Nobita and Doraemon tells Suneo's mother about Suneo taking the time cloth, so she tells Suneo to return it to Doraemon, but she makes it a try by refurbishing her crocodile skin purse, but taking too long the purse is transformed to a real crocodile.


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