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Time Cloth
Taimu furoshiki
General Information
Series Doraemon
Release Date December 1970
Volume 2
1 (Complete Works)
Chapter 25
Illustrators Fujiko F. Fujio
Writers Fujiko F. Fujio
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Previous Chapter Liar's Mirror
Next Chapter One Hundred Percent Accurate Palm Reading Set

Time Cloth, also known as The Time Kerchief in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga, is the twenty-fifth chapter of Doraemon Manga. This chapter is the first appearance of Time Cloth, one of Doraemon's most important gadgets. 


While Doraemon and Nobita are watching TV, the picture goes out. Thinking the television is broken, Nobita excitedly asks his mother to buy a new color one. However, she quickly hits the television to restore the picture and says they will get a color television when the costs come down. Meanwhile, Tamako's washer is broken, so she brings the matter up with Nobisuke, who wants a new camera. When the TV breaks once again, Doraemon and Nobita once again ask Tamako for help, but she is too busy talking with Nobisuke. Nobita and Doraemon feel like getting a new television is hopeless, so Doraemon uses the Time Cloth to restore it to a newer state. Nobita uses it on the washing machine, but accidentally covers it with the wrong side of the cloth, making it older, but by simply flipping the cloth, the problem is fixed.

After fixing Nobisuke's camera, Nobita and Doraemon get the idea to collect old items, use the Time Cloth on them, and re-sell them as new ones. The two gather some old items from Suneo and Shizuka. When Suneo asks Doraemon what he wants with the junk, Doraemon states that if he told him they were using the Time Cloth to restore the items and sell them, Suneo would swindle them.

Suneo drops by Nobita's house and takes the cloth while no one is around. When he goes to buy some junk from Gian, he forcefully takes the cloth and tells everyone, including Suneo, to find junk to transform. Unfortunately, he is hauled by his mother to help his family's business by delivering eggs to the Yamadas' residence. He wraps the eggs with the cloth , transforming them into chicks.

When Doraemon and Nobita return home, they notice that the time cloth has disappeared and go to search for it. Meanwhile, the wind blows the abandoned cloth around, causing trouble for many people. When Gian gets a hold of the cloth, he wraps himself in it, transforming himself into a baby. Suneo snatches the cloth and returns to his house with it. Nobita and Doraemon tell Suneo's mother about Suneo taking the time cloth, so she tells Suneo to return it to Doraemon. When she learns it reverses time, she decides to use it on her crocodile skin purse first to make it fresh and new. However, the cloth works too well and the purse is transformed into a real crocodile.


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