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One Hundred Percent Accurate Palm Reading Set is the 26th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Suneo tells Shizuka from her plam that she will get rich, be happy, and ages up to 108 years old. Nobita does not believe his telling so he predict Nobita's life that he will be homeless on 20 years old, become ill on 30, and commit suicide on 40. He gets sick to live, so Doraemon consoles him it is not trustful since Suneo usually pretends him. While Nobita gets happy his father dresses as a beggar for his company's party. Nobita worries about his fate again, so Doraemon takes out the One Hundred Percent Accurate Palm Reading Set to make life better. He tries drawing "Money Line" on his hand, then father gives allowance to him instead of Nobita. Nobita gets mad father does not give him allowance just because of getting bored. Doraemon draws the same line on Nobita's hand, then his anutie gives him allowance as usual, and leaves Kii-chan, her daughter at Nobita's room. Nobita draws more hand lines. Unfortunately, those are terrible lines, including collison line, beat up line, falling down line, tied line, and stabbed with a knife line. Nobita asks for an erasing cream, but Kii-chan throes it away. The cream falls on the truck, while Nobita is chasing the truck, but crashing with Gian and beat up by him. Doraemon is bringing the erasing cream from the future. While Doraemon going to get the cream Kii-chan asks Nobita to play make-believe train with her, first Nobita refuses. She is crying so he plays with her. While stepping down the stair he misses his step, falling down, and get tied with the rope. Kii-chan gets the knife from the kitchen to cut the rope. Nobita jumps away but cannot escape. Doraemon erases his lines in time. In the end Doraemon is finding the useful palm lines but Nobita refuses and trying to do everything with himself.


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