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Wolf's Home is the 27th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Suneo reads the newspaper (with Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Saburo) about the extincted wolves has been discovered at Mount Yamagami. However, they have been extincted since 1905, so everyone believes that they are all extincted except Nobita, so he and Doraemon challenge to find them. However, when Nobita enounters the barking dog he runs away.

The next day at Mount Yamagami the wolf surching unit is set in, making all the existed wolves escape to the deeper forest. Doraemon uses Moonbeam Torchlight to turn Nobita to be the wolf so they will get him. Doraemon also gives Nobita Shock Gun to make them asleep, but he shoots Doraemon. After that the true wolf appears; Nobita get shocked to see him and he brings Nobita to his cave. The wolf says that in the past their ancestors had been living in that mountains, but the humans intruded to steal their den and food, and some of them are hunted and trapped. The wolf hunters noticed the wolves' footprint to their den. The wolf notices that many humans are heading there.

Unfortunately the Moonbeam Torchlight loses its effect and Nobita almost going to be killed by the wolf. Nobita decided not to catch them because of their poor life. Nobita and Doraemon tells the hunters that there are none of them. The chapter ending with Nobita must keep promise to eat peanuts (sometimes shell peanuts) with his eyes, but he can't.


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