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Building a Subway is the 29th chapter of Doaemon manga.


Tamako Nobi, and their children have just finished shopping in the department store and meet dad at the railway station. In station and on train is so crowded that making three of them dizzy, while dad is used to it (as he uses it for his company.) That time is also near Christmas so Doraemon and Nobita get the idea to make a subway. It is a difficult work and making several days to finish it.

At the night Christmas Eve Doraemon and Nobita dress like Santa Claus and give the subway pass. Next day in the morning father is going for work, but Nobita calls him to use that pass for his company. Unfortunately, the route is intersect the route of the government's subway so they have to get into the digging machine, and unlucky again, it is broken so they have to dig until they reach the company. Luckily they have found the manhole in front of the company.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Digging Machine