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Tatami Paddy Field is the 30th chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Doraemon and Nobita are eating rice cakes (Mochi) which are one of both favorites. After eating four each, there is only one left and they are fighting each other for that cake. Mother appears to stop. Both say if only another one whey wouldn't have fought, but there are more. Doraemon takes out the rice cake maker, but no rice as an ingredients, so they ask mom for some rice, but she denied so he takes out Your Favorite Sunday Weather Set (a.k.a. Sunday Hobby Set) and both are planting rice. There are many threat on this cultivating like scortching hot and very little rain, after finding water for rice the rain is downpour and can cause rice rot. After rice is ripening, the grasshoppers appear to destroy the crop. They finally get an excellent crop after two hours. After harvesting and put it into the rice cake maker. There are very many of rice cakes but still have the remainder (as there are 259 of then), so they are fighting for the 130th.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Your Favorite Sunday Weather Set