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I Will Transfer My Cold to You is the 31st chapter of the manga.


Nobisuke is going to leave home for his company but having a terrible fever. He tells his wife he has an important neeting, but he is knocked out that cannot go to work. Nobita asks Doraemon for a medicine that cure the cold instantly. However, he takes out the Cold Transfer Tool that making cold cured instantly but transfer to another. Nobita plans to transfer father's cold to him and transfer the cold to other. Nobita gets father's cold that father can go to work as usual, but Nobita gets it instead. He plans to transfer this cold to Gian, but he is not at home. While going to Gian's both has seen a man who does not wear shirt walking outside. Shizuka asks Nobita and Doraemon to play with her at her house but Nobita yells at him to refuse since he does not want her getting a cold too; she goes away with being mad. Suneo makes fun of Nobita it is suitable for a kindergartener and him, so Nobita transfer his cold to Suneo. However, he has to get it back because Suneo and his father are going to watch movie. Both has found Gian, but Gian suggests both to get medicine from his house. Nobita refuses to get medicine, but has found the same man. He tells Nobita and Doraemon he wants to have a cold to go to the hospital because he likes a woman who is a nurse. He is very happy to receive the cold from Nobita.


Gadgets Used

  • Cold Transfer Tool