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Just-Like-This Crayon (そつくりクレヨン Sokkuri kureyon) is the 44th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo are drawing an unnamed dog (If you regonize correctly, it should be Pero.) Shizuka and Suneo are showing their drawings of a dog, while Nobita's drawing are horrible, causing the others laughing while Suneo points if a dog that was a cat or not. Doraemon angry after heard the other friends are making fun of Nobita's drawing. Doraemon watchs Nobita's drawing, says, "This is not talent? I never seen anyone draw a cat so life-like." Nobita points it and cries that Doraemon are make fun of him. Doraemon then gaves Nobita the gadget Just-Like-This Crayon. Doraemon draws the vase but horrible. The vase are even turned into the same from the Doraemon's drawings. Doraemon says any sketches made by Just-Like-This Crayon will alter the actual model image. Nobita then have to draw the same dog again. Suneo and Shizuka noticed a "artist" returns, and watchs the Nobita's current drawing of the same dog, says this time even looks more like cat now. But the dog meows as Nobita proves it's exactly what he draws. Then he says if Suneo wants he can draw him this time. Suneo says he will sees how good Nobita's artistic skills is while he drawing. In the end, Suneo's face are even worser, and Nobita's laughs, while Doraemon had to stop him for good.


Gadget Used[]

  • Just-Like-This Crayon