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Dream Town, Nobita Land, also known as Noby's City of Dreams in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga, is the 47th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Nobita are rollerskating (Doraemon is also appeared in this scene), but accidentally crash the living room's door where his mother is, she got mad because of rollerskating in the house, but outside is even more dangerous and the truck driver says if Nobita wants to be killed to rollerskate outside.

At Shizuka's house also has the tea party, so she has to go outside, and Suneo asks to play the dodge ball at the open lot. At the lot Gian and Yamada are also bored that building materials are put in and they cannot play there for a while. Nobita god mad and get the idea to make his own town. Doraemon used the Instant Miniature-Making Camera to make their mini-house and can be lived useing Gulliver Tunnel, and then Nobita is taking many buildings to make his own town. After finishing building Nobita invited everyone to go to his town. Everyone is happy and Nobita will read manga (comic) there. Unfortunately mother wrecks havoc the city and use those houses for a material of the shed.


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