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Chapter 050:The Girl from Memory! (白ゆりのような女の子 Shira yuri no yōna on'nanoko) is the 50th chapter of Doraemon manga and is the 10th chapter of The Complete Works of Fujiko F. Fujio.



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  • A few of other language versions of the manga chapter has changed the backstory of Nobita's father a bit. In earlier Hong Kong serialization version of this manga chapter, atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II were changed to "Japs' atomic bombings".
    • In the earlier unlicensed Taiwanese translation, though the bombing of the Allied Forces was unchanged, Japan was changed to Taiwan getting bombed at the end of World War II (while it still under Japanese rule).
      • Interesting, it make sense that Taihoku Air Raid happened in Taiwan, and so the translation change make sense. It was eventually reverted back to original when the manga series was received a official licensed release on Taiwan several years later.