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Cursed Camera (のろいのカメラ Noroi no Kamera) is the 53th chapter of the manga.


Suneo bullies Nobita again, and he ran home, crying. He then asked Doraemon for help. Furious, Doraemon storms out and rush to meet Suneo. On the way, he takes out a Camera, but yet to explore it's full potential. Finally he gives up and ran away after pondering whether to use or not. Back at home, Nobita finds Doraemon sleeping and decides to take a photo of him. A flash zapped him, and then a figure of Doraemon drops from the Camera. Having not convinced yet, he decided to take another photo of his parents results in the same actions. Nobita then decided to give the figures to Shizuka as birthday gifts. After Doraemon found out he had been photographed, he panicked and passed out.

He then explains, that the camera is actually a voodoo camera, and the figures are voodoo dolls. For further explanation, he then take a photo of Nobita and proceeds to stab the doll with a needle, then repeatedly hit the doll's head, causing Nobita severely injured. Then, they decided to get the dolls back, however, Shizuka said that the dolls had been given to Ganko. At her house, Ganko is playing with Jaiko and using the dolls. A series of mishaps happen, but Nobita managed to get the dolls back in the end while Doraemon collapsed, but he had secretly taken a picture of Suneo. The chapter ends with Nobita and Doraemon pouring water atop Suneo's doll, finally getting their revenge.


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  • This is first chapter of Doraemon manga book 4