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Toy Soldiers is the 55th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Gian has just finished Karate and target Nobita to use his art. Nobita cannot escape him so contact Doraemon to help him, but Doraemon is still playing jigsaw puzzle so refuses him and send the Toy Soldiers to protect Nobita. Gian has found Nobita in the phone booth and takes him out for a Karate training. Suddenly there are stepping sounds of the toy soldiers. Gian laughs and attack the troop due to their size, but he are shot by them and runs away. While Nobita is walking home Suneo's baseball ball is about to hit Nobita's head so the troop shoot it. Suneo gets mad to Nobita (probably a new ball), but he is poked by the troop and run away, but still get shot. Nobita knows that it will go horrible so hurry homeม while that Shizuka touches his shoulder and wonder why he is hurry, but the troop still shoot her.

At home mother wonders if nobita is already back, but that day is very hot so she pour water in front of the house to cool her down. When Nobita is back she yells at Nobita, but Nobita says not to scold him then because of the troop. The troop chase mother and aim her to shoot. Nobita tells Doraemon to stop those soldiers and ruin the puzzle; Doraemon gets angry and shot by those troop. Chapter ends with mom climbing to the antenna to avoid herself from shooting, and Nobita trying to revive Doraemon.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Toy Soldiers