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Abekonbe is the 56th chapter of Doraemon manga. This chapter is about an arrow that makes everything work in the opposite way.


While Nobi is doing homework Doraemon asked him something, making him annoyed and then Doraemon hit his eraser with the Abekonbe. Then Nobita makes mistake and rubs the notebook, but the whole page goes black. After that Nobita tries hitting objects with the arrow and everything goes wrong (i.e. Cigarette gets longer when smoking, Vacuum cleaner releases dust in it, Shaving with razor but the mustache and beard get longer, and the fridge releases the hot air. When going outside, the arrow is accidentally hit the balloon so the ballon gets so heavy to push Doraemon to sink, and everything goes wrong when Doraemon hits everything with the arrow. The fuss is settled when Nobita uses the arrow upside down. Coming back home mother tells Nobita to do homework, but it is too hard for Nobita to do, so Doraemon hits his head with Abekonbe and Nobita turns to be smart.


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