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This is the 57th chapter of the manga.


As Doraemon is idling away, his sister, Dorami, takes Nobita into the next chapter, Undersea Hiking.


Doraemon is idling away, and Nobita becomes jealous with his friends vacation again. After discussing with Dorami, he decided to make an adventure of a lifetime by hiking under the Pacific Ocean, from Japan to the city of San Francisco. Nobita sets out after borrowing some gadgets, even a spare Universal Pocket from Dorami. His trip went smoothly, but then he encountered a shark and decided to shoo him away, using a bubble gun. As he proceeds deeper, the sea is going rough. Just then, Dorami and Mrs. Nobi heard from the broadcast that volcanoes under the Pacific Ocean are active again. She then quickly realised that is exactly where Nobita is. The sea floor shaking violently, and situation becomes worsened for Nobita. Luckily, he found a Japanese submarine, and returned to Tokyo Harbor safely. Now, tiring, Nobita decided to have a sleep, just as his friends came by.


Gadgets Used[]


  • Doraemon does not appear in this chapter.