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This is the 88th chapter of the manga, also known as The Uncle and the Elephant in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga. There has been one 1979 anime adaptation of it and there have been two 2005 anime adaptations.

This elephant story is based off real-life events that happened at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo during World War 2. This story can be read here.



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  • The zoo is called "Tokyo Zoo" instead of the real-life "Ueno Zoo".
  • In the unofficial Taiwanese Chinese translation of the manga chapter, the star emblem on the Japanese soldier's hat were edited out probably due to Taiwanese regulations regarding depictions of Imperial Japanese soldiers from World War 2 back then. The dialogue between the soldier and the zoo owner was also changed because of the same reasons. The emblem was kept intact unmodified in the official Taiwanese Chinese translations.
    • Soldier said about "Japan has been on danger and even animals should died for the country" were replaced with he worried that would be a serious problem if elephant has escaped to the streets and it should be killed anyways even if animals were cute.



Comparisons between the Taiwanese versions of the page of a manga chapter. Note that the Japanese soldier's star emblem on his hat were edited out in the left side of the image (the 70s-80s unofficial Taiwanese Chinese translation)