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The Emperor of the Night is the 89th chapter of Doraemon manga. Nobita eats the No Sleepy Pills to make them still awake in the midnight.


Nobita tells Doraemon that he has no time for study because he has to play with friends, take a nap, and watch TV, and after that it is a beadtime. He also asks Doraemon about medicine that doesn't make him sleepy. Doraemon gives him No Sleepy Pills to make him keep awaking for 24 hours. Then, Nobita and Doraemon are watching TV and while watching, mom tells both to sleep.

Nobita is starting to study, but cannot concentrate, so he find something in the fridge, but nothing in it. He wakes Doraemon to ask him to take out the automatic ramen maker, but Doraemon has no. If Nobita wakes him up then she will be mad, so Doraemon takes out the Sleep Walking Stick to wake mom up. Nobita asks his mom to cook ramen, but she eats it after cooking instead.

Nobita has no mood to study, so he plays for four hours. Whereas he is alone so he wakes Doraemon again to play with him. Both are fighting so loudly that makes mom and dad wakes up. Nobita tries to sleep but he can't, so he wakes Doraemon up with the stick and go outside. He plays something for a while, but later he gets bored, so he orders Doraemon to wake everyone up. Nobita plays a prank to Gian, but got punched by him even if he is sleeping.

Nobita and friends are playing baseball at the Open Lot, but Nobita still can't strike the ball, and has made fun by Gian and Suneo. Nobita is trying to striking the ball several times finally he can, but he breaks the window at the adjacent house. Nobita apologizes the house owner. The owner (may) apologize him. Nobita walks home and having found that the weather in the night is very cold. He thinks it is stupid to go outside at night, so he asks Doraemon to stop its effect. At morning Nobita walks school with sleepiness and others are talking that they dreamed that they played baseball last night.


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