The Mouse And The Bomb is the 115th chapter of Doraemon manga. Doraemon gets mad when he sees a mouse because it is his most hated. He is so insane that he is going to use the bomb to destroy the entire house.


While Nobita and Doraemon are in their room, Mom runs in causing a fuss. The two boys then dismiss heras making a big fuss, and then come to investigate. However, when Doraemon discovers a mouse, he flips out and becomes paranoid.

After this, Doraemon's paranoia leads him to exaggerate and shoots, he gives Nobita and Mom guns, but they don't use them. Instead, they both check on Doraemon, who was in a dark place, paranoid. Doraemon then gets the Bomb of Mass Destruction out, but then soon calms down and becomes normal again. Then Dad comes home, later to realize that Nobita and Mom are annoyed.


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