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Graphs Don't Lie is the 129th manga chapter of Doraemon.


Nobita went home and told Doraemon about it, and which the blue robot cat laughs. Nobita then says there's no way to found out, but Doraemon says "there is." which overjoys Nobita. Doraemon brings out The Correct Graph, and says if you want to know who's the strongest of the main characters, and Doraemon writes "Strongest" at the top of the graph, and writes the four main character's names at the bottom of the graph, then he press the button, and the ratio appears on the graph and it shows the results (Gian=10, Suneo=7, Shizuka=5, Nobita=3). Nobita says that's correct and asked Doraemon who's smartest. And the results (Shizuka=11, Suneo=7, Gian=4, Nobita=2), however, causing Nobita to add more. Doraemon says Nobita that don't do that, and the graph that Nobita drawn jumps out of the graph and hits Nobita (temporarily).


Gadgets Used[]

Major events[]

  • Gadgets debuted: The Correct Graph
  • This revealed Gian is the strongest and Shizuka is the smartest of the main characters of the series.
  • The 1980 anime adaption of the episode was aired on Taiwan's CTS in December 27, 1999 with Taiwanese Chinese dub.

Differences between manga and anime[]

  • Everyone in The Open Lot watching the graph in the 1980 anime version.
  • In the 1980 anime version, Strongest is not shown and it's replaced by Most Handsome and Most Best Singing instead.
  • At the end, not only Nobita add more graph than Shizuka in Smartest, but also Gian and Suneo also add more graph in Most Handsome and Most Best Singing; in response of this, they get attacked by the floating graphs that they added instead.

Names in other languages[]



Malaysian Penerbit Tora Aman Chinese Translation errors[]

  • The Japanese texts that Suneo screams out when get beaten up by Gian is removed. It is unknown if that occurs in the Malay translation.