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Chapter 131: Human Manufacturing Machine is a part of the 8th volume of the Doraemon manga.


In the start of the chapter we see Suneo and Gian then Nobita asked to help them Suneo and Gian denies and instead makes fun of Nobita. Then a angry Nobita promises Shizuka that he will make something amazing as usual Nobita goes to Doraemon. But Doraemon ignores Nobita and tells him not to touch the machine on his desktop. Nobita didnt listened to Doraemon and goes to the machine and see`s a instruction book after reading the title Nobita understands that its the Human Manufactuing Machine.Then he reads the full instruction and says "I`ll impress everyone" . then the seller from the 22nd century came to take the machine back but nobita told to him that the owner is not here and come back later.Then Nobita goes searching for ingredients.While going downstair nobita was reading the instruction. Then he is looking for ingredients everywhere. Then he goes to Shizuka and tells him that he is making a human he tells that to Shizuka the hilarious way and ends up getting slapped. Then he goes to home with more ingredients and turns on the machine..


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