Live with a Laugh (わらってくらそう Wara tte kurasou) is a part of the 8th volume of the Doraemon manga.


Nobita is very bored with his empty life, so Doraemon gives him the Horse Laugh Earphone to listen funny story. After that Nobita is scolded by his mother but he is still laugh; she punches his head. Then, Nobita meets Shizuka. She is very sad because her canary was died. Nobita still laughs to her; Shizuka is very angry to him and walk away. Nobita keeps laughing and meets Gian who is slipped on banana peel. He gets mad and beats Nobita up because of laughing. Nobita gets injured and throw away an earphone when reaching home and gets mad. When Doraemon comes back, he bawls to Doraemon because funny stories can make him being disgusted.


Gadgets Used


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