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This is the 145th chapter of the manga.


Learning that teen idol Mari Marui is having a shoot at a nearby park, Doraemon (who is an avid fan) and Nobita go there to catch her in action along with Gian, Suneo and Shizuka, but she is nowhere to be found. Later, Doraemon and Nobita find her hiding in one of the pipes at the Open Lot and invite her home. Mari, who is tired of her daily routine arranged by her manager-mother, wishes to take a break, so she switches places with Nobita using the Substitution Bar.

Mari walks around the streets with Doraemon and, after she reveals to Gian and Suneo that she is actually Nobita, escapes from the mob and into the car where Mrs. Marui has arranged her to film a music segment for a television programme. Stage fright gets the better of the hesitant Mari, and she performs horribly. Hence, the crew along with Mrs. Marui gets her to lip-synch to the song instead. Humiliated as a result of the music segment incident, Mrs. Marui gives Mari a lecture, but the latter wants to go home.

However, Mrs. Marui had arranged her to be interviewed by a magazine, but obviously it doesn't go smoothly with the former forced to do the interview for her. Mari decides to sneak out in the middle of the interview, but is stopped and taken to continue the day's itinerary. Doraemon finds Mari while she does an commercial for a soft drink brand and she goes off with him, but is stopped by Mrs. Marui again. Angered for being called a raccoon by the latter, Doraemon gets Mari to switch places with Mrs. Marui, leaving the manager-mother to continue the itinerary as Mari.

Doraemon and Mrs. Marui go home and invite Nobita for dinner with his parents too. After playing with Doraemon and Mrs. Marui, Nobita decides to go and switch his body back. So they proceed to find Mari, who is sitting alone at the park after a day of busy schedule. Having understood what it's like to be tied down with work, Mari goes to apologize with Mrs. Marui and along with Nobita they switch their bodies back. Mrs. Marui walks back home with Mari promising not to give her too much work again.


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