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Celebrating New Year on the Wallpaper (かベ紙の中で新年会 Ka be-shi no naka de shin'nenkai) is a chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobita and Doraemon is going to have a party at their house, but Tamako doesn't allow them. Nobita is very fidgety when his friends reaches home. Nobita cannot cancel or move the party to elsewhere because they have had a draw. Next, Doraemon leads and tells everyone to be quiet to prevent Tamako knowing for a party to Nobita's room and use the Wallpaper House to make a vacant area for a party. Gian and Suneo ask Nobita and Doraemon for snack and tea, so Nobita asks her mother, but not work so Doraemon gets out the Tea Store wallpaper and others to make everyone fun. Then, Suneo asks Nobita for a toilet and he can't hold loner, so Doraemon gets the toilet wallpaper and attach with the door. With loudly noise upstair Tamako is going to warn everyone to be quiet, but cannot open the door. When she can come in the room Nobody is here. After she leaves the room, Suneo gets wet in the toilet and it's time to go back home. However, Tamako is talking at the telephone and she always talks for a long time, so Doraemon uses the wallpaper tunnel to allow everyone to get out of the house.


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