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Weather Box (お天気ボックス Otenkibokkusu) is a manga chapter.


Nobita's friends were planning a trip, but then on TV it was announced that it was going to rain on the day of the trip. Nobita then encounters Suneo and says that it will not rain and that the TV is wrong. Suneo decides to challenge Nobita, if it rains then Suneo gets to punch Nobita, whereas if it doesn't Nobita gets to punch Suneo. Doraemon then uses the weather box to change the weather, but they lose the sunny card at one point, making the weather box useless. Nobita and Doraemon panick as they watch the heavy rain the night before the hiking trip. However, Doraemon managed to suck the heavy rain in, but accidentially released it on Nobita's house inside.


Gadgets Used