Vending Time Machine (自動販売タイムマシン Jidōhanbaitaimu Mashin) is a chapter of Doraemon Manga.


Nobita is asked by his father to buy one case of cigarettes. Nobita wants money from him, but he can't get more money but for cigarettes. The store is closed today so Nobisuke tells Nobita to buy it via vending machine. Nobita is going to ask Doraemon to buy it for him but Doraemon is not in Nobita's room, but only Vending Time Machine has been placed in. Nobita inserts 150 yen to buy cigarettes but he gets very many instead of only one case. Later, he is also asked by his mother to buy some ink. He inserts 250 yen and get plenty of ink bottles, but product in the past. At Nobisuke side, his visitor tells him it was a cigarette in the past, so Nobita use this machine again to buy camera. However, no matter money he inserts no camera he wants from the machine. At the same time Doraemon comes out of the Time Machine he tells that Nara Age has no camera and Nobita cannot get the money back, so he set at 1925 to buy the camera with Nobita's leftover allowance, only 25 yen left. Nobita gets a very powerful camera but the film for this camera is no longer available, so it is useless. Doraemon leaves home again with Time Machine and let Nobita use the machine, but not for making profit. Nobita uses the machine to buy stuff in the past for sale to his friends. After that Nobita buy the next century chocolate ball, but he cannot afford it so he is caught by the machine.


Gadgets Used


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