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One Inch Master is the 299th chapter of Doraemon manga.


Chapter starting Nobita bough the soft serve ice cream and when Gian noticed it he asked Nobita to taste the ice cream and returned it, but Nobita didn't get it (because Gian had already licked it). When Doraemon got heard he got angry because the money bought was his and told Nobita to pay back, but can't so he used the One Inch Master to minimize Nobita's body to be one-inch height.

After exiting the house, Nobita used the hat when he found Shizuka and yelled to her, but she didn't hear Nobita's voice. Later he rode on Shizuka's foot and yelled again, she noticed that something got weird and Nobita fell down. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to take off the cap.

Then Shizuka bought the soft serve ice cream and Gian did as he did to Nobita. Nobita yelled to Shizuka not to give it to Gian. Gian saw Nobita and caught him; Nobita bit his finger and tickle him, so he gave up and bought a new one.

Chapter ending that when sharing a cone of ice cream, it is quite little so Doraemon used the hat to shrink them and eat.


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