Weekly Nobita is the 307th manga chapter of Doraemon manga series.


Nobita's manga did not make the cut for the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, so he turns to Doraemon, who proposes he publish his own magazine. Nobita uses the Magazine Maker Set to publish his own manga without seeking the Editor Robot for advice. He publicizes the magazine to his friends, though they refuse to buy it as his comics were substandard. Hence, he could only sell it to a junk man who takes all the copies for recycling.

Doraemon and Nobita seek the Editor Robot's help to gather feedback for the next issue. After tabulating the favorite artists as requested by readers, they use the Manga Maker to make comics by having it analyse a certain artist's style and commiting it to memory. Though, Nobita is annoyed when the readers made unreasonable requests for the next issue, so Doraemon responds by doing what they can to satisfy them.

Under the suggestion of the Editor Robot, Nobita uses Shizuka for the cover and a life-sized yacht as an insert. The new issue is a sell-out, but after Nobita reads the readers' comments telling him not to publish his manga again, Nobita decides against publishing a third issue.


Gadgets Used


  • Weekly Shonen Jump, an shonen magazine that seralizes Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and etc. were mentioned in this chapter.
  • Astro Boy makes an cameo in this manga chapter.
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