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Parallel Planet, also known as Topsy Turvy Planet in the English Amazon Kindle and Shogakukan Asia manga, is the 312th chapter of the original Doraemon manga. This chapter has a total of 10 pages and 57 panels.


Doraemon decides to impress Nobita by giving him a telescope where he can look outside the universe. Eventually they find out that there is a planet that looks exactly the same as Earth except (almost) everything is opposite of what is on Earth, and proceed to investigate the planet.


Gadgets Used


  • The 1992 and 2009 anime adaptations would include a plot where Nobita and his parallel counterpart meet and switch clothes so the former would experience going to school in that planet. In these adaptations, the parallel counterparts of Doraemon, Nobisuke, Tamako and the teacher also appear.
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