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Worse Than Me (ぼくよりダメなやつがきた Bokuyoridamena yatsugakita) or "Someone Who's an Even Bigger Failure in Life Than Me Showed Up" is a chapter of Doraemon Manga. This is the only chapter with Tame, a student whose all skills are worse than Nobita.


Nobita goes back home happily because Tame, who is worse than Nobita in everything, has enrolled in his school. Later, Tame comes to Nobita's for doing homework together with Nobita. He pays atention on his homework but Nobita doesn't, so Nobita asks him to go outside and play. Nobita can run faster than Tame.

The next day, Nobita and Tame left their homework at home so they are punished by Sensei to stand in the hallway in front of the classroom. Tame tells he wants to escape zero rather than what Nobita wants. (Nobita wants someone who is worse than him.) Nobita is angry after school while going back home. Gian and Suneo asks Nobita to play baseball, but if their team loses Nobita must be beat by Gian 30 times, so Nobita suggest to invite Tame instead of him and he is waiting for result. Doraemon gets out the Comparison TV to project the clip when Nobita blames Tame for incorrect answer. Doraemon converts Nobita to Suneo and Tame to Nobita. Nobita can't watch anymore so he takes the responsible be being beat up by Gian for Tame.

A short time later, Tame's family has to move to amother province, so he has to change school. He tells Nobita for leaving the city and thanks to Nobita for theur friendship. After Tame leaves, Nobita tells an idiom that he wants to get down to the hole so Doraemon gives him an Instant Hole. At the end, he yells for a help while Shizuka entering his house.


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