Six-sided Camera is the 14th chapter of Doraemon Volume 24. It was adapted into an episode of same name in both 1979 anime series, but has yet to be adapted in 2005 anime series.


Nobita is on his way to deliver Tamako's letter at the post office when Gian and Suneo steal his letter. Though Nobita chases the two to the Open Lot, the letter isn't found anywhere at the location, leaving Nobita in distraught while Gian and Suneo laughing at him in satisfaction as they leave. Fortunately, Doraemon hears Nobita's cries and arrives to help him recover the letter. To search out the place, Doraemon brings out "Six-sided Camera" which can print out photos of its target from all six directions:front,back,left,right,top, and bottom. After using the gadgets to take photos of a passing by dog for an example, Doraemon suspects the hiding place to be the tree and inspects it with the camera, revealing that Gian and Suneo have hidden the letter on the top of the tree. Though the letter recovery is successful, Nobita is still in tears as the post office is now closed, forcing Doraemon brings out "Skyward Stamp", a gadget capable of sending a letter to the recipient directly through the sky and as fast as possible, using it on Tamako's letter and safely sending it to its destination.

With his worry is over, Nobita borrows the two gadgets and heads off to have fun. Along the way, Nobita witnesses Gian and Suneo being interrogated by Kaminari as someone had thrown a ball into his house, breaking his window. Suspecting that the culprits are none other than Gian and Suneo, Nobita uses the gadgets on the duo and gets the necessary evidence (Gian and Suneo hiding their baseball equipment behind their backs), secretly throws the most incriminating photo toward Kaminari, and leaves the area, leaving Gian and Suneo punished by Kaminari as his form of payback.

Nobita continues to have fun with the gadget and takes photos of many building, vehicles, and eventually Shizuka, though he is careful enough to only give her five photos, hiding away the one shot from bottom view (which shows her panties) out of fear that she will be angry the moment she sees the photo.

Back at home, Doraemon once again tells him to return the gadget, but Nobita declines as he's still having fun with it. At the time, Tamako reads an article on today's newspaper, telling the two that one of their neighbors were robbed, with only photo of the robber being taken from his backside by the security camera, thus his face is unknown. Hearing this, Nobita suggests Doraemon to use the gadget to try and figure out the robber's identity. The idea is successful, and the two manage to get a clear shot at the criminal's face.

Though wanting to go search for the criminal himself as the "Youth Detectives", Doraemon is against the plan as it is impossible to find one person from millions of people in Tokyo, which Nobita agrees but still want to try searching for him a little bit on the way to the police box, and thus decides to ask a nearby man who is about to get into his car. Unfortunately for Nobita, the man turns out to be the robber himself. Shocked that Nobita has the incriminating photo in possession, the robber grabs Nobita, throws him in his car, and drives off as Nobita begs him to let him go. After the robber has brought Nobita to his hideout, a rundown apartment, the robber informs Nobita that he is going to finish him off as he has known too much. The robber then leaves the room to buy a murder weapon: a large knife; but not before locking Nobita inside and telling him to start saying his prayers. Though Nobita tries to escape, the lock is too strong for him to break.

Realizing that the entire scenario happens because he had abused Doraemon's gadget, Nobita collapses on the floor and drops the camera, causing it to take the picture of the hideout from all directions. Going through the photos, Nobita discovers that the robber has absentmindedly put his business card, which contains his name (Bouta Doro) and the hideout's address. Though excited that he has discovered the robber's identity, Nobita remembers that he has to escape the place first before he can put the information to good use. Recalling that he still has the remaining Skyward Stamps in his pocket, Nobita writes down Doraemon's name as his recipient and uses the gadget to send the photo containing the hideout's address to Doraemon. The luck is by Nobita's side this time, as Doraemon and the police arrives just in time when the robber returns with his knife, arresting him for the crime of robbery, kidnapping, and attempt murder all at once.

Now that everything has worked out fine, Nobita shows the readers a photo and asks them one last question: whose photo is this and from which angle; (Answer: Doraemon's, from the bottom angle), with Doraemon embarrassingly shouts at Nobita to return his gadget back to him.


Gadgets Used


  • Due to the rather gruesome plot (child kidnapping and attempt murder), the part when the robber announces that he is going to finish Nobita off and the part when he returns with a knife is removed from the animated adaptation.
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