Being rich with the pencil is the 456th manga chapter of the Doraemon manga chapter and the 2nd chapter of the 25st manga volume of Doraemon.


Doraemon gives Nobita the Money Pencil which can purchase anything by writing any number on the paper, which Doraemon wants teaches Nobita a lesson of how not to be greedy. But Nobita buys too many items and ends up receiving a number of job tasks, and Doraemon suffers as a result.

When Gian wants to be Nobita's bodyguard, Suneo kicks football at Gian and he wants to beat him, Suneo promised he give more money than Nobita's so Gian can be his bodyguard. However, Nobita gives more money than Suneo's, and thus Gian really beats Suneo up as a result. Suneo then told Doraemon that eaten Gian's 5000 bucks of money.


Gadgets Used


  • It unknown what happened to Takeshi Gouda after the events of this chapter, since Nobita blackmails him with Money Pencil.
  • This is the one of the manga chapters where Doraemon gives Nobita a gadget only to teach Nobita a lesson (but backfires on him).

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