Afterward Album is the 10th chapter of Doraemon Volume 31. It was adapted into an episode of same name once in the 1979 anime series, but has yet to be adapted in the 2005 anime series.


Nobita decides to paint a portrait of the sleeping Doraemon as his art homework. Getting annoyed that his art isn't as good as he expected, he decides to paint Doraemon's face for fun, which is watched by Nobisuke. Feeling that Nobita didn't pour his entire enthusiasm in his art, Nobisuke gives him a short pep talk about the fact that he had once won an art contest when he was around the same age, but then sadly remembered that all the rewards and photos were destroyed during the war.

Motivated by his dad's words, Nobita decided to go paint a portrait of Shizuka while blames fault on the model (Doraemon) for being "neither cute nor beautiful". Nevertheless, Shizuka soon becomes annoyed by Nobita's fastidious direction on art and quits. Meanwhile, Doraemon finds out about Nobita's prank from Tamako and goes to control Nobita, using "Afterward Album" to provide the concrete evidence of him being the culprit. Realizing the gadget's potential, Nobita decides to use the photo provided by the gadget for the sake of his art, first several photos of himself, and later several bathing photos of Shizuka. As Nobita and Doraemon are humorously screening for an appropriate photo to be used for homework at the Open Lot, Shizuka appears, beats the two of them up, and takes away all the photos.

Back at home, Doraemon decides to not let Nobita uses the gadget any longer, but Nobita begs Doraemon to let him uses the gadget one last time for good. After asking Nobisuke about the date he recieved the award, Nobita uses the provided information to create a photo of the event and hides it inside the family album, allowing Nobisuke the surprised Nobisuke to find it and proudly show it to the entire family.


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