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"If I had sent the postcard, I would have won a reward" is the 635th chapter of the volume 33.


Nobita really wants to win at a lucky draw, so he uses Doraemon's savings to buy five postcards, and then to ask the boy who had recently won for himself a video game for the address, but when he returns he finds the postcards missing. He goes to borrow a postcard from another boy and then goes out again to ask the first boy to find out which lucky draw is the easiest to get rewards. However, the postcard disappears again.

Nobita finds another postcard in a Receiving-Reply-in-Advance Post that was placed in his room and gives it to the boy who needs his postcard back. Doraemon returns from the future and announces that he has won a Winning Postcard after he uses the postcards he could find in the house as well as those he had bought using the money he had saved to participate in a lucky draw in the 22nd century. However, he soon learns that Nobita used the Winning Postcard to the boy, who had won himself a game console. Nobita escapes home after Doraemon gets really mad with him. Hence, the latter issues a reward broadside to catch him.


Gadgets Used

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese だせば当たる!! けん賞用ハガキ TBA
Chinese 中奖明信片
The Reward Winning Postcard
The Reward Postcard That Once Sent, It Will Win
The Instant Reward Winning Postcard
Instant Choosen Postcard
Korean TBA