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Hot Letter to Gian is the 665nd chapter of Doraemon Manga.


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Gadgets Used[]

  • The unnamed gadget from the chapter Gian Fan Club Fever!!
  • Portrait Board Making Machine
  • Take-copter
  • Letter Writing Pen


NOTE: This is translated from the Chinese sub of the 2005 anime adaption of the episode.

I'm the Gian's Biggest Biggest fan is very annoying.
Please do not let you participate.
Wish I don't get the drawing, only wants name.
I'm noticed Gian will be next time singing on what day, what time.
It would want to listen, but it's very possible to let me sick and die sleeping now.
Sicking in the song of Takeshi Gouda, sick to crazy and let my head hot.
Happy parts of listening Gian's song is when he ended singing.


  • As stated above, The unnamed gadget (The sticker and machine) from the chapter Gian Fan Club Fever!! is mentioned in this chapter, but was never used.
  • It had the anti-Nuke weapons refrence. The later is Doraemon: Nobita and the Kingdom of Clouds, where the sky peoples had the dislike of the Nuke weapons. The 2005 anime adaption has removed this refrence.