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Doraemon+ (Plus) Volume 1, Chapter 6: A Friendship Chocolate is the sixth chapter in the first volume of Doraemon+ (Plus) manga.


After Gian kicks everyone out, the boys resolve to ignore Gian and make him their enemy, but because they are weaker than Gian, they still let him do whatever he likes to them - Haruo and Yasuo are ordered to buy groceries for him, while Suneo is forced to push the blame on Nobita. Thinking he has been betrayed by the others, Nobita tells Doraemon about it. Furious, Doraemon takes out the Friendship Chocolate so anyone who takes the chocolate will think and behave like him.

Nobita shares the chocolate with the others and some passers-by and they all stand up against Gian. Nobita drops by Shizuka's house to tell her about the chocolate, but soon everyone who ate the chocolate (including Suneo, Haruo and Yasuo) drop by as well, disrupting his time with her. Nobita leaves for home, and decides to take a nap before dinner. Soon it's dinner time, but Mom isn't preparing - because she, too, ate the chocolate and decides to take a nap.


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