Interruption Phone is the 706th chapter of the Doraemon manga series.


Nobita, having scored zero marks for his test again and teacher wants to talk with Nobita's mother about that, returns home to find Doraemon chatting with another cat. It turns out that the cat has been bullied, so he uses the Audio Speaker Phone to make the cat stand up to the bully, and explains how bullying is not good.

Nobita then steals the gadget to make the teacher say nice things about him to his mother, and tell her to increase his allowings for reward. He also uses it to prank Suneo (who tells bad things about Gian, who later punchs Suneo in the face), Gian (who tells bad things about his mother) and Shizuka (who tells that she hates Dekisugi and loves Nobita more). Later, Doraemon snatches the gadget away from Nobita and makes him tell the truth about Nobita scored zero marks for his test, which angers Tamako as a result.



Major events

  • Gadgets debuted: Audio Speaker Phone
  • A bully who bullies cat, who appeared on this chapter, would reappeared in an last chapter of manga volume 37 later.

Gadget Used


  • This manga chapter have 2 morals:
    • Bullying is bad.
    • You have to didn't lie things.
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