Operation: Going Back Home Safety is the 788th chapter of the Doraemon manga series. It was adapted into episodes of the same name in both the 1979 anime series and 2005 anime series.


At the Nobis' resident, Doraemon wonders why Nobita isn't back home yet despite the school is already out, though he quickly speculates that Sensei probably gives Nobita an after-school detention for either coming to school late or forgetting to do homework. Sure to Doraemon's thought, Nobita is told by Sensei to finish his yesterday homework first before leaving the class. Unable to bear the pressure, Nobita chooses to flee with the angry Sensei shouting behind him. Knowing that he is at fault, Nobita decides to go straight home, finish the homework, and apologize to Sensei the first thing in the tomorrow's morning.

On a way back home, Nobita passes the Open Lot and is hit by a baseball ball, which Gian and Suneo tell him to throw it back. Stressed by the situation, Nobita throws the ball back with all his strength, which crashes into Kaminari's window (again) and causes him to flee the scene. The angry Kaminari proceeds to interrogate Gian's team for the person responsible, which Gian replies that it's Nobita. Kaminari then orders the entire team to bring back Nobita to take responsibility, which the team proceed to, chasing Nobita through out the town. However, much to their disappointment, Gian and his team fail to catch Nobita despite Nobita's supposed lack in athleticism. Realizing that they need more manpower, Gian orders Suneo to create a "Wanted: Nobita" poster and promising the person who turns him in for 10 comic books from Suneo's, much to Suneo displeasure. Gian and his team then spread the news about Nobita hunt through out the entire town, making Nobita unable to get back home on his normal route.

Meanwhile, Doraemon observes that Tamako begins to show sign of anger for that Nobita is unusually late, and sends out the "Patrolling Eye Balls" to find Nobita. The gadget successfully locates Nobita at the Mountain, allowing them to communicate. After explaining what has transpired to Doraemon, the latter realizes that they're in a deep predicament since the usual asset like "Takecopter" and "Anywhere Door" are both in repair.

Nevertheless, Doraemon figures out the solution and brings out "Safety Guidance Map" and uses it to display the safe path from the mountain to home, with white chip representing Nobita and black chip representing the enemies. Though shocked by the amount of enemy chips, Doraemon instructs Nobita to first leave the mountain and head down toward the town, narrowly avoiding the first enemy. After passing the next crossroad, two more enemies begin to appear on both the front and back, cornering Nobita and forcing him to jump into a nearby house. Unfortunately for Nobita, he lands on a dog who proceeds to become another new enemy and chases after him. Before the dog could exact its revenge, Doraemon uses "Enemy Stopper" to stop the chip representing the dog, causing a nearby advertisement board to fall on it, causing Doraemon to realize that the gadget is too dangerous and shouldn't be used recklessly.

After several detours and confusing instructions, Nobita is now one corner away from his house, requiring him to just pass a trash collecting spot. As Nobita rushes past the corner, a black chip appears on Doraemon's map, which is revealing to be no one other than Gian who has been hiding in an empty television box, waiting for Nobita to arrive. Before Gian could beat up Nobita and take him to Kaminari, he is stopped by an unexpected arrival of his mother who witnesses the entire scene. Gian's mother proceeds to chase him away from Nobita, mysteriously causing all the black chips in the area to disappear and allowing Nobita to finally reach home safely.

However, Doraemon is shocked as there are two more black chips inside the house and rushes downstairs to save Nobita.. only to discover that the two last enemies are in fact Sensei and Tamako, with the former came to the house to inform the latter about Nobita fleeing detention and not finishing his homework, resulting an expected "failure" for Doraemon and Nobita's mission.


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  • All of the wanted poster were later removed by the next manga chapter, thus no one could get the 10 comic book reward because everyone have failed to get Nobita.
    • This is explained in the 2005 anime adaptation: Suneo (who doesn't want to give away his 10 comic books as the reward) called off the hunt shortly after Gian was caught by his mother.
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