Going Too Far! The Wish Achieving Machine is the 802nd chapter of Doraemon manga series.


Suneo brags to his friends about his recent family trip to Hokkaido to have Sapporo ramen, but Nobita isn't in the mood to listen to him, as he has to prepare for the test tomorrow or risk having to repeat school. Nobita rushes home, but Gian gets there first, assuming that Nobita wants to seek Doraemon's help to take him to Hokkaido for Sapporo ramen, though it isn't the case. Believing that Nobita isn't willing to take him there as well, Gian beats him up.


The room-sized Dorayaki eaten by Doraemon himself.

Returning to their room, Nobita finds Doraemon using the Wish Realizing Machine, hoping to eat dorayaki till he drops, though he has to carefully adjust the extent of his wish being realized. Dorami visits the present to give Doraemon the largest dorayaki in the world before returning.

With Doraemon too full to move after eating the dorayaki, Nobita uses the machine, hoping that Gian gets into a major accident, but when Gian nearly gets hit by a car while roller-skating, he beats him up again after Nobita saves him. Next, Nobita uses the same gadget hoping to eat Sapporo ramen, but causes Dad to be transferred to his company's Hokkaido office. Not wanting to be transferred to a new school, Nobita re-adjusts the extent of his wish so the family doesn't have to move to Hokkaido; in exchange the family receives a box of Sapporo ramen instant noodle packs delivered by a friend of Mom there.

Finally, Nobita uses the machine to skip the test the next day, but learns after watching the Time TV that Tokyo would be destroyed by an 9.0-magnitude earthquake. Not wanting that to occur, Nobita re-adjusts the extent of his wish. But Nobita oversleeps the next day, and arrives at school to learn that he missed the test and is ordered by the teacher to stand outside the classroom for the rest of the day.


Gadgets Used


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  • This manga chapter is infamous for predicting the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, which actually happened in the March of 2011. This also appeared on 1990 and 2010 adaptions. Later in the 2017 adaptation, this was replaced with several incidents (a metetor hits Earth, Gian singing on classroom, and etc.) to prevent upsetting earthquake victims.
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