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Excellent Look Spray is the chapter 819 of the Doraemon manga series.


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Nobita Nobi is watching his drawing unhappily and trying to tear it due to he reacts it's very bad, but Doraemon stopped him. He watch Nobita's drawing and laughs, saying that like if a kindergarten guy draws it, but Nobita leaves the room in anger.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese差變好噴霧器Worst Into Good Spray

Differences between manga and anime

  • In the manga and the 1979 anime version, Nobita complains to Doraemon and he says that the effect of the spray can stay for one day. Despite this, 1979 anime version shows the filler scene where Nobita begs for a gadget which can extended the effect of the spray but Doraemon refuses and Nobita searched up Doraemon's 4D Pocket and bring out several gadgets. In the 2005 anime version, Nobita gets several students laughs by his art, and Doraemon at the outside, holding the said spray gadget. Not only this, Sensei shows Shizuka and Gian's horrible skills that can confuses several students (which likely a tortune) and the error scene shows at the last few seconds.


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