Christmas in the House of Candies

504a Title


Japanese クリスマスはおかしの家で
Rōmaji Kurisumasu wa okashi no ie de
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Episode from anime 2005 anime
Release date December 1, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 504a
Story by Takami Toyama
Screenplay by Higashi Shimizu
Directed by Takami Toyama
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Christmas in the House of Candies (クリスマスはおかしの家で Kurisumasu wa okashi no ie de) is an episode of Doraemon (2005 series). It is a television original and a Christmas special.


Doraemon and his friends spend the Christmas in an actual-sized cookie house they baked in Suneo's residence. During the process Doraemon loses his fourth-dimensional pocket after being spooked by a toy mouse.


Gadgets used

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