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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Christmas in the House of Candies (クリスマスはおかしの家で Kurisumasu wa okashi no ie de) is an episode of Doraemon (2005 series). It is a television original and a Christmas special.


Christmas is here, Doraemon gives Nobita and the others "Cookie House Maker", and makes a cookie house with everyone, and even makes Nobita and the others smaller to make the cookie house better. Everyone take gadget and work together to get out the things on the cookie house. Shizuka makes a Santa Claus on the chimney by the way, and Gian makes a door with senbei. When she is in the inner room of the candy house, Shizuka takes a bath by the way, and Doraemon even makes windows with jellybeans. But Doraemon is attacked by a mouse. He manages to get the gadget, but it is useless, so he can only throw away the pocket. Doraemon finally gets in, but he is laughed at by Gian and Suneo. It turns out that the mouse is just a toy played by Suneo's cat. Everyone wants to go out, but the room is locked, and Nobita eats the key. Doraemon found that the pocket is missing, so he has to ask Suneo's cat, Chiruchiru, to press "Big Light" to restore everyone to their original state. But Chiruchiru only presses the remote. Everyone wants to eat the cookie house to escape, but they can't get out anyway. Just when the air conditioner melts the cookie house, everyone passes the chimney and wants to leave, but accidentally lets Shizuka slip into the tissue box. Fortunately, Suneo's mother puts it in the refrigerator, and puts it in the refrigerator. At the very moment, Shizuka just caught up and pressed the switch of the "Small Light" to get out of danger. But the unlucky Suneo's mother is frightened and faints.


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Teaser for "Christmas in the House of Candies" and "The Wish Realizing Machine Has Gone Too Far!"

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