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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Release date October 17, 2018
Japanese title チューケンパー
English title Chukenper
Season number 14
Episode number 532
Adapted manga chapter Robot Pet Dog
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Chukenper (チューケンパー Chūkenpā) is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 anime), based off the manga chapter "A Robot Pet Dog" from Doraemon+.


Nobita and Shizuka are chatting about animation on TV at Shizuka's house, but Nobita keeps talking about topics that only interested him, which makes Shizuka feels bored. At this time, Suneo suddenly comes to Shizuka and says that he has bought a 10,000-magnification microscope. Shizuka feels very interested and goes to find Suneo. Nobita is sulking and kicks a can, which hits Gian and is beaten to tears. After returning home, he tells Doraemon what happens. Doraemon feels that he is too naive, but Nobita says that if they are friends, they shouldn't be like this. Doraemon takes out "Chukenper" to him, but feels that this is not necessarily good for him, so he begins to preach to Nobita, but Chukenper drives Doraemon away. Nobita feels very satisfied. After that, Nobita wants to take a nap, so Chukenper takes out the quilt. As a result, Nobita's mother scolds him. Chukenper is very angry and bites her mother, and even bites her skirt. Nobita begins to feel that he has done it. Too much. At this time, Nobita goes out for a walk, and Chukenper follows him. He sees Suneo doing something by the river and asks him. Suneo says that he can’t understand it even if he explains it to Nobita. When Nobita is angry, he notices that Chukenper is even more angry, so he whispers to Suneo that there might be danger. Suneo also notices it and quickly changes his attitude, explaining that he is catching ephemerals. Nobita finally calms down his anger. Hearing that Suneo wants to use a microscope, he says he wants to see it too. As a result, Chukenper runs to Suneo's house and brings the microscope. Nobita doesn't see anything good and leaves quickly. Nobita tells Chukenper that although you understands my thought, you have gone too far, but Chukenper doesn't understand and screams happily. At this time, Nobita meets Gian and wants to say it is terrible. Gian says "What's terrible" and is about to hit Nobita, but is severely attacked by Chukenper. Nobita feels a little frightened when he sees it, and tells him not to follow him again. However, Nobita keeps running and it keeps following. Nobita wants to drink water, and Chukenper gives Nobita a bucket of water. Nobita is discovered by Chukenper no matter where he is in the park, in a trash can or in a tree. At this time, Nobita sees the robot puppy Chukenper seeing Shizuka from a distance, showing his admiring eyes. Chukenper goes to bite Shizuka. Shizuka is very angry and says that he should not see Nobita again. Nobita is very sad and says that I really want to die. As a result, Chukenper takes Nobita to the rocks at the beach, and Nobita is so frightened that he calls for help.


  • Nobita
  • Shizuka
  • Suneo
  • Doraemon
  • Gian
  • Sensei
  • Nobita's mother

Gadgets Used[]

  • Chukenper