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Coagulation Light/Freezing Light (カチンカチンライト Kachinkachinraito) is a gadget used to solidify things.


The Coagulation Light's energy solidifies the target for 5 minutes, preventing it from experiencing any state of change for the entire duration of the effect. Solidified items may exhibit properties absent from the original counterpart.



In the anime[]

  • Doraemon froze the raindrops.
  • Nobita froze smoke from the passerby's cigarette. (2005 anime)
  • Nobita froze Shizuka's bath.
  • Nobita froze the flame blower's fire. (2005 anime)
  • Nobita froze the smoke from a fire that Gian lit to burn his 0 score test. (manga and 1979 anime)
  • Nobita froze the smoke from a fire that Gian and Suneo lit to cook steak. (2005 anime)
  • Doraemon froze the cloud to crash into Gian and Suneo.
  • Doraemon froze the river to make an escape path. (manga and 1979 anime)
  • Doraemon froze the lake to make an escape path. (2005 anime)
  • Nobita (unknowingly) froze Shizuka's bath the second time.
  • Doraemon and Nobita froze the fires from Gian and Suneo's that caught on the forest.
  • In the 1979 anime version of All the Way From the Country of the Future, Doraemon solidifies Nobita to render him invincible, resulting in Gian attacking him up to no avail.

In the movie[]

  • Aron and Miracle Galaxy Defence Team froze the Almas (Arumasu) Star and Pockle (Pokkuru) Planet after that two Planet explode.
  • In Nobita Drifts in the Universe Doraemon freezes Moa and sends it to the black hole.

Appears in[]

In the manga[]

  • Coagulation Light (Chapter) - First Appearance (Volume 38: Chapter 18)


  • In The Doraemons manga, this gadget used to solidify the rainbow.