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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Comic Book's Extras from One Hundred Years Later/2005 Anime
Release date June 23, 2017
Japanese title 百年後のフロク
English title Comic Book's Extras from One Hundred Years Later
Episode number 487A
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Comic Book's Extras from One Hundred Years Later is an episode from Doraemon (2005 series) and Doraemon (1979 series).


When Nobita wanted to read the comic book of the 22th century, Doraemon secretly borrowed one from Sewashi's, including several comic's extras from the future.


Nobita feels that the magazine "Corocoro Comic" is very boring, so Doraemon goes to the future to get back the magazine from the future, especially the contents in the appendix are extremely colorful. But Suneo is very surprised when he sees that Nobita is playing the changing game in the book, so he tells others. They turn out to be terrified by the images from the slide projector. Nobita asks them to play a Japan travel game. As a result, halfway through the game, when everyone is still playing around Japan, Sewashi comes back and takes away the magazine, so they can't come back now. After Sewashi leaves, Shizuka thinks curiously: "Suddenly disappeared, who can it be?" Nobita's mother asks Nobita to eat, but no one responded. In the end, she sees Shizuka in Nobita's room, but Shizuka says that Nobita and the others "Travelling all over Japan" and says "They won't be back for the time being." This makes Nobita's mother puzzled.



  • In the 2005 version, the scene that Nobita and Doraemon undresses Jun the doll is not shown to the audience due to tighter censorship.
  • In the manga adaption and the 2017 anime adaption, there's a spin off that focusing the different robot cats that resembles Doraemon. It was called "The 2 Different Things ("Big Doraemon and Big Heroes" in Manga adpation, "Big Doraemon and Small Doraemon" in some dubs of the 1979 anime adaption of the episode).